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August 2012

Formed in Fontana, California, Taller Than Trees is a two piece indie rock band consisting of Luis Mendoza (vocals, guitar) and Travis Hirsch (Drums). Taller Than Trees started as a solo project in 2009 when Mendoza wrote songs while on tour with his previous band. ”It was an outlet that allowed me to keep the creative juices flowing,” he explains. In late 2010, Mendoza was introduced to Hirsch, and the two of them connected musically. “Travis happens to be an amazing drummer, and together we started to play the music I had written in the back of the van.” While Taller Than Trees has seen a fewl other band mates come and go, the two of them have stuck together.

Mendoza, who is the main songwriter for the band, describes Taller Than Trees as “definitely feel good, happy, uplifting, positive music.” He is influenced by artists such as The Beach Boys, Best Coast, and Dum Dum Girls. “[Our music] has some beach sounds to it,” he points out. When writing songs, Mendoza often begins the process with a melody.  ”I build on that…. and come up with the music, followed by lyrics! Once I have a rough draft of the tune, I email it to Travis. He adds drums to it, then we jam together, [and] work out the kinks.”

It is clear that Mendoza is greatful for the opportunities he has been given as a musician. “I love being on stage!” he states, with emphasis on ‘love.’ “You get an energy from the crowd that you don’t get from being in the studio. I look forward to going on tour, playing shows and meeting new people.” Mendoza strongly believes that it is important to “stay level headed” even with the pressures of the music industry. “Music is universal and should be fun! Write music that you love. Most of all, enjoy the experience and play anywhere and everywhere.”

Taller Than Trees can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They also have an EP due to be released in September.